What is the New Society Pulse?

A simple tool for 'Dynamic Counting of Support', and a massive register of people around the planet who are aware that something needs to be done to leave the late-stage capitalist economy behind and move into a New Social System that works!

The pulse is a counter for people who recognise, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, that the time is long overdue for us to be putting people before profit.

What am I signing up to?

To make the change we need a Critical Mass of people who think that change is needed.

You are signing up to be part of that number, and your regular visits to the site will feed your 'curiosity' about how it is changing.

This tool provides a way for you to be counted within a simple independent database that has no commercial affiliations or biased content. It is not a billionaire owned forum like Facebook, YouTube or a government owned propaganda service like the BBC.

As the Pulse grows, it will form a solid reference to strengthen the message of each organization that is trying to bring the needed change into reality.

Why should Changemakers get involved?

We can see a myriad of groups and ideas out there addressing the ongoing disintegration of the current socioeconomic system. It is high time for all of these groups to consider changing how they go about building their own critical mass of support.

It is those organizations that reach their own threshold for critical mass that are those most likely to survive. Organizations that don't get involved are simply wasting the time and resources of their supporters, and the numbers in the Pulse will reflect that.

The Pulse is both a support counter and a 'builder of support' through world wide exposure of the Changemakers listed.

Is there room for any other Change Makers in the list?

Yes, certainly. More will be added as we become aware of them. If you have an organisation to add, please send an email to changemakers@newsocietypulse.com with the link address and a bit about the organisation and we will add it to the list.

How often do we have to visit the site to avoid being Deleted?

The value of this site lies in it's 'live' quality. All the numbers here are real and fresh. We achieve this by deleting accounts that have 60 days of inactivity.

This is 'dynamic' data! The numbers will change continually. So it's important that you use the site regularly so you can be counted in the number that's our measure of Critical Mass (tipping point for change), which we think is around 5% to 10% of world population.

You will know your account is deleted because the email address you use to login simply won't work.

Don't worry if you get deleted, don't get offended and don't write to ask why. Just re-register, it's a very simple process! The only downside is only that you will have to re-do your profile and choice of who you support.